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Affidavit Reveals New Information in Warrick County Death

New details have surfaced surrounding the case a woman’s body found badly burned on Seven Hills Road in April. The affidavit says that Anthony Clay Wolfe II found paperwork in Valarie Ruark’s car which led him to believe that she was an informant with the police, and that’s why she was killed.

According to the affidavit, Ruark and Wolfe dated in the past.

Authorities were able to track Ruark’s phone, they determined that Ruark’s cell phone left the area of Stepping Stone at approximately midnight on April 21st. It traveled to the area of Eby Road and Shelton Rd. in Warrick County at approximately 12:30 a.m. The cell phone’s final location is in the area of Seven Hills and Wesson Rd. where her body was located.

During an interview with Brian Baumgartner, investigators say that he told them that he and Wolfe picked up Ruark from a treatment facility and went to his residence on Shelton Rd. Baumgartner told authorities that Wolfe and Ruark stayed outside while he went inside his residence to use narcotics.

According to the affidavit, Baumgartner says that he heard a gunshot from his residence.

Two days after the incident, a witness says Wolfe told him “nobody needed to worry about Valarie anymore”.

The witness says Wolfe told him he took Ruark to a barn out in the country, made her lay down and smile, and then shot her in the face with a rifle, and then burned her body.

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