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A More Active Pattern Settles In

Good Evening,

Today’s forecast wasn’t only a holdover from what was an absolutely gorgeous Sunday, but an improvement overall. After only reaching 72° yesterday, we topped out at 77° earlier today. Higher pressure camped out over the eastern third of the country will continue to keep the skies above the Tri-State mainly clear this evening, but a stalling front paired with an approaching core of low pressure currently sitting over the Rockies will make for a less-than-enjoyable forecast ahead.

Despite the fact that temperatures will be on a gradual rise over the next couple of days (which I’m not sure anyone will complain about), it will fuel shower and thunderstorm activity on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Fortunately, Tuesday doesn’t look like a complete wash out, scattered shower and thunderstorm clusters are expected to affect our westernmost counties tomorrow morning and the areas north of Evansville tomorrow evening.

As for Wednesday, a quiet, mild afternoon will give way to an advancing line of showers and storms reaching our westernmost counties shortly after dinnertime. Some of the storms embedded within that broken line of storms could produce small hail and strong winds; as a result, the Storm Prediction Center has placed the entirety of the Tri-State under a Marginal Risk for Severe Weather for Wednesday evening.

It appears as though the threat of Severe Weather will linger come Thursday as well; in their preliminary outlook for Thursday, the SPC has indicated that conditions will be conducive to the production of potentially Severe storms from  Southern Michigan to Central Texas. In the middle? Us. The latest model data suggests that early Thursday afternoon could be a little bumpy, though the exact timing and placement of those anticipated storms remains a bit murky this far out.

While it looks like we could see that potential for Severe Weather on both Wednesday and Thursday, the ensuing weekend look quite pleasant, albeit significantly cooler. Afternoon highs for Friday, Saturday and Sunday may not even reach 70°, but at least it’ll be dry. Mostly sunny to partly sunny skies are expected during that three day period.



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