Accused Kidnappers Get New Hearing Date

A Kentucky father and son accused of terrorizing two people after running them off the road were back before a judge this morning.

Investigators say Danny and Dustin Massey allegedly brought them to their home in White Plains, chaining them up in a pit on the property.

What was meant to be a pre-trial hearing to find whether there was probable cause to send the case to a grand jury turned into a short day in court for the two men, with Danny Massey unable to get an attorney.

“It was so expensive,” Massey told the judge.

The judge previously found that because Danny had a job he didn’t qualify for a public defender. But because the public defender is already representing his son now, the judge would need to appoint outside counsel, pushing back the dates for them both

“We’re going to continue his case and we’re going to continue your case at the same time,” stated Judge William R. Whitledge to Dustin during his court appearance.

Police say it wasn’t a random act that landed them in court, and that they know of the connection between the victims and their accused abductors.

“We do but it’s part of the investigation. We’re not releasing the information at this time,” explained Major Will Coursey of Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office

After they allegedly ran a man and a woman off farmer’s crossing road on July 11, the Masseys are said to have put them through a terrifying mental torture.

“They advised that they had been placed into a pit and threatened over the course of several hours,” Coursey Continued

The Masseys were said to be keeping the two victims in chains in the hand dug hole while they allegedly threatened them with homemade bombs.

“We found lots of evidence to indicate that their complaints were valid,” stated Coursey.

The two victims suffered only minor injuries, but because of the threat, it took Kentucky State Police Special Operations, ATF and FBI agents, along with the sheriff’s office to execute the search warrants on the property.

Police are also searching through the known history of the Massey to see if something might show why they allegedly targeted the two victims

“We’re aware of their criminal history, or the lack of it,” Coursey iterated. “We’ve done that part of it. We don’t wanna leave anything out. If it applies to it then we’ll know that. If it doesn’t then it’ll just be extra information.”

Both father and son are expected back in court July 26.



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