More Abuse Reported at Fair Oaks Farms

An animal rights group released new undercover video showing workers at Fair Oaks Farms abusing adult cows on the property.

The video was made public on Wednesday by members of the Animal Recovery Mission just one week after they released a different video showing workers kicking and throwing calves at the farm.

Members of the group behind the video are saying they witnessed extreme and systematic abuse on the property and they’re now taking action by speaking out, saying Fair Oaks and Fair Life are not living up to their promises of promoting humane care for cows. Now, the group has filed a lawsuit against both companies.

The first video was taken in 2018 and was released to the public just last week. It showed employees allegedly beating baby calves at Fair Oaks Farm in Northwestern Indiana.

That video led to three people being charged with animal abuse. The latest video was released Wednesday and was taken between February and April of this year.

It shows adult cows suffering similar abuse at the hands of different employees than the ones in the original video.

Fair Oaks Farm is the largest supplier for milk distributor Fair Life, which promises their dairy cows receive extraordinary care and live in comfortable conditions.

Fair Oaks Farms Founder Mike McCloskey released this statement, “I am disgusted by and take full responsibility for the actions seen in the footage, as it goes against everything that we stand for in regards to responsible cow care and comfort.”

Now ARM has filed a lawsuit against both companies for making false promises. The group is asking police to focus their investigation on farm management instead of low-level workers.



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