AAA Numbers Show Decline in Travel This Summer

This summer, AAA is anticipating that Americans will take 700 million trips based on economic indicators and state reopen plans.

“Some states open earlier than others, so some of those folks have maybe gotten out and ventured out a little bit where those states were kind of behind, they’re still kind of emerging from the stay at home orders but, that brings up a great point. What we think we’re going to see is a lot of folks taking fewer road trips this year than anything. i think nationally and even locally in the Indiana region, we’re only expecting to see a 3 percent downturn for summer road trips compared to last year so that’s not really that much of an impact when you look at some of the other numbers when travel in general will be down about 14 or 15 percent,” said AAA spokesperson Nick Chabarria.

Currently there may be a decline in travel, however, this is not the first time AAA has seen something like this

“The last time we saw a downturn in summer travel was 2009, this one is a little bit different because obviously it’s more of a health issue or health concern, where 2009 was not. So, travel right now is a very personal decision for folks, a lot of people want to get out and travel, they may have the means to get out and travel but again it’s kind of weighing the pros and cons of assessing the health risk in doing so,” said Chabarria.

And if you are planing on traveling this summer, AAA recommends that you plan ahead, pack extra hand sanitizer, clean you hands whenever possible, and practice good hygiene habits.




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