9lbs of Matted Fur Removed From Dog

A humane society says they had to remove 9 pounds of fur from a dog that only weighs 11 pounds.

Workers at the Nebraska Humane Society in Omaha says it was the worst case of matting they have ever seen.

The neglected dog came to them a couple of weeks ago with matted hair, 7-inch toenails, and unable to walk. The humane society says the dog’s owner recently died and workers hired to clean the house found the dog.

The veterinarian and staff immediately went to work systematically removing the hair. They were worried that the matted hair may have cut off circulation to the dog’s legs. Thankfully that was not the case.

When it was all said and done, the staff removed 9 pounds of matted hair from the dog’s 11-pound body. The veterinarian determined the dog had an infected foot, muscle-loss, arthritis, and would need hernia surgery and dental work.

Weeks later, now named Ellie Mae, the dog is recovering and staff says she seems like a whole new dog.



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