911 Dispatch Calls Released From Camp Koch Girl Scout Death

A 911 Tell City Dispatcher told 44News reporter Amanda Porter it was an emotional situation, but they had to act quickly to send first responders to the scene.

“One is coming around. She is making noises. The other, i don’t know. I think she is in and out. She is hyperventilating now. Ok. And then one is just laid out, but communicating,” says 911 caller and Girl Scout Troop Leader Stephanie Flowers.

Moving fast Tell City dispatchers sent first responders to Camp Koch.

“Will you go get Frank to let the ambulance into the gate,” Flowers asks.

Dispatch team leader Micah Jackson took as much information as he could on the condition of the injured.

“All three patients right now are conscious,” asks Jackson.

Jackson says he and the girl scout troop leader Stephanie Flowers stayed as calm as possible in a hectic situation.

“Giving them the best information in the fastest possible time that we could. It was pretty heart breaking during the call,” says Jackson.

“I know it is a pretty difficult situation, but I really appreciate the good job you are doing.”

“We have not contact parents yet,” says Flowers.

“The Scouts will be like elementary school, and the adult is mid forties.”

The dispatchers worked as a team as the girl scout troop worked as a team.

“Alright guys, he do you hear the sirens? They are here,” says Flowers.

“There is an adult here. There is a child by the lady in the red shirt. And another child on the side of the tree.”

Jackson says, “To know that if they knew that if they called 911 that someone would be there to answer and to help them on probably one of the worst, if not the worst days of their lives. I’m just thankful we were able to be there and I’m thankful that I was on the other line to make sure I could get them help as fast as possible.”

In a show of support and concern the Tell City Dispatch team wants to send their thanks to the first responders in Perry County.

A gesture that’s sure to go a long way amongst departments that work together regularly.



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