85-Year-Old Evansville Woman’s Home Sprayed With Bullets for a Second Time in Less Than 6 Months

Surprisingly Gloria Ferguson says she isn’t afraid despite her home being sprayed with bullets again. Sunday night was the second time. She wants to know why, and who’s behind the attacks.

“I heard some shots, and came outside and there was a guy sitting on my porch,” says Gloria Ferguson.

It’s easy to imagine the shock that great grand mother Gloria Ferguson must’ve felt waking up to the sounds of gunfire.

“He said, “Somebody is shooting at your house,” and he said, “I saw the car.””

Ferguson’s lived here for more than two decades, and it’s been riddled with bullets twice in less than six months. So since December, family members take shifts watching Ferguson’s home.

“The first time that they had shot my house up was a little worse than this time,” says Ferguson.

“I could see all the insides were shot up. All the windows were all shot out. I’m just now being able to have windows put on. I am on a fixed income. I have no money to re-do my house.”

Little information is known except the alleged get-a-way car.

Ferguson says, “A burgundy car with a peanut butter drop top. I don’t know what that is. But that is how they described it.”

“This time it was only maybe 5, or 6 bullets like they were just coming by.”

If you’re wondering why Gloria Ferguson says she’s not afraid. She relies on a higher power.

“I feel like I am surrounded about Christ, and so I feel like I know it sounds silly, but I think God’s got me got a covenant over me. I don’t think he’ll ever let a bullet hit me, but it’s tearing my house up,” says Ferguson.

“I’m just 85 years old just here with a little house trying to maintain.”

The senseless attacks didn’t just disrupt Ferguson’s life, she says it’s hard on her family .

“If you are strong enough to come shoot up an 85 year old ladies house be strong enough to go and face whoever or whatever you’re after and not me because I’m not your enemy,” says Ferguson.

Ferguson says her family, and the neighborhood will continue to protect themselves and their homes. If you have any information on this shooting you should contact the Evansville Police Department.



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