8 Bodies Exhumed From Tri-State Farm.

Two Hoosier pioneers and at least five of their family members are being exhumed. This has been an ongoing issue since a landowner allegedly planted crops over their graves.

Ken Calvert tells 44News his fifth great-grandparents, Patrick Calvert and Sarah Martin, moved to Indiana during the early 1800s. They were one of the first people to start a family in the tri-state. The pioneers were buried at the corner of Nisbet Road and Highway 65, close to where their house used to be.

“We are exhuming the bodies and relocating them to Calvert Chapel. We’re actually Indiana pioneers and the founding matriarch and patriarch of the family are the ones that are actually buried here along with a few other family members,” says Ken Colbert.

Getting the bodies exhumed have been a process. Ken Colbert has been tracing his family tree, but could never visit his fifth great grandparents and uncle’s grave. The family will be able to visit them soon along with five other ancestors.

“I’m glad we are finally getting closure,” says Colbert. “As a genealogist, I’ve been trying to locate my family and we’ve had success.”

Herman Scheller says he knew this was a grave site. In fact, the Scheller family claims to have looked after the grave sites for 50 years.

Scheller says he warned the farmer who bought the land to be aware of those graves, but he says he noticed the farmer slowly started planting over the entire burial site.

“I told him again to stay off of it. I said there’s a cemetery there. He said, “Well, you told us several times. We don’t work it that deep,'” says Scheller.

“All lives matter and I think in today’s society, unfortunately, we forget about the importance of family,” says Colbert.

According to officials it will cost about $35,000 to move the graves. If you would like to donate to Ken Colbert and the Calvert family, you can click here.



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