Keys to an Affordable Home; Homeowner Receives Keys to Habitat Home

“Being able to grow in a home that is ours with an affordable mortgage… I mean everything nowadays is so expensive,” says E’lexis Lander.

Lander’s sweat will become tears of joy. A home in Evansville officially belongs to her family. Her son watched the whole building process unfold.

“I’ve taken him over there each step. Each new thing he has been able to see and watch it grow as well so he’s excited to have his own room. I’m excited to have my own space,” says Lander.

She was at a friends Habitat Home dedication when she learned about the program. After completing the process, she is now at her own home dedication. But this wasn’t an easy process.

“I had everything on my shoulders as far as being able to work and take care of my son, and getting my hours for Habitat and also having to study late nights for the certification,” says Lander.

A major goal for her was to complete a national certification after the home was built, but she achieved her goal before her home dedication.

“I was extremely nervous to try to do that and try to push it sooner than I was hoping for, but I got it and I secured the bag,” says Lander.

Lander says friends, family and Habitat staff supported her through the entire process.

“You’re a boss Mom, you got it,” Lander says.

“For everyone that is going to be there I am excited, I am happy that I have this huge support system, everybody there behind me. And I know I am going to be extremely emotional.”

Habitat says its a hand up, not a hand out.

“You have to work for it and I mean it’s hard, it’s some sweat. You are going to be able to you know have your home at the end, but you are going to have times when you are going to want to give up but don’t give up its worth it. If anyone wants to get this home for themselves, for their family, if they are building a family whatever, just work for it. It’s definitely worth it in the end. Never give up,” says Lander.

Click here for information on how to get involved with Habitat For Humanity.



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