60-Day Law License Suspension Recommended for AG Curtis Hill by Hearing Officer

A 60-day law license suspension without an automatic reinstatement has been recommended for Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill by the hearing officer in Hill’s disciplinary hearing.

This in relation to allegations that Hill inappropriately touched four women in 2018 during a legislative party.

A special prosecutor originally took up the accusations in an investigation. Although the special prosecutor found the story quote “credible”, he concluded a conviction was unlikely and did not press criminal charges.

In a report filed on Friday, Hearing Officer Myra Selby concluded Hill’s conduct was “offensive, invasive and damaging” to the women named in the complaint.

Selby added that Hill used his state office staff and others to engage in a public campaign to intimidate the complaints.

At this time, Hill has an opportunity to file a petition to review the case.

Ultimately, the Indiana Supreme Court will determine what disciplinary action will be taken, if any.

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