6 Moms Working at Deaconess Gateway All Having Baby Boys in 6 Weeks

Six different women working together at Deaconess Gateway Heart Hospital have a lot in common and they’re getting ready to take some time off.

Six baby boys will all be born within the next six weeks but they already have a really special bond. All six of their moms work at the heart hospital at Deaconess Gateway.

Four of them have other kids but two of them are new moms which allow them to be there for each other and share advice. Each of them found out they were pregnant at about four weeks so the moms have really enjoyed watching each other progress.

Since they hold different positions the moms say patient reactions are one of the funniest parts because several pregnant women are treating them at any given time.

Deaconess Gateway Heart Hospital nurse Tyler Greenwell says, “I actually had one patient ask me if it was a joke if we were playing a joke on him, and I was like nope this is not a joke. I’m sorry!”

One of the women will be getting induced on Sunday while the last baby boy will be born in September.



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