5-Year-Old Boy With Cerebral Palsy Takes First Steps Without Walker

It was a heartwarming moment when five-year-old Merick Williams Jr. (or MJ) took his first steps after surgery. MJ has cerebral palsy and was born at just 23 weeks, weighing only 1 pound, according to CBS News.

His mom, Kayla Nichols, posted the video on Facebook. “His recovery was a tough process to get through but it was all worth it,” Nichols wrote. “We been through a lot to even get to this point, never gave up on him, even when times did get rough and I never will! A true definition of a Miracle Baby!”

For MJ overcoming the odds isn’t new for him. In 20018, MJ warmed the hearts of thousands when me made a touchdown during his little league football game. In the video, MJ’s coach is seen helping him into the end zone as his team cheered him on.

Doctors anticipate MJ will be able to fully walk on his own sometime in the future.



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