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5 Staples You Should Always Have at Home

When the news broke that most of us would be working from home, and that staying there was a good idea, for some reason there was a run on toilet paper…?

While I’m not saying that TP isn’t a “staple”, I’m saying that you can’t eat it.

Here are the things you should always have on hand:

1) Flour

Flour is super cheap, stores easily and is the building block for a lot of recipes!

You can make biscuits, gravy, biscuits and gravy, cookies, cakes, bread, etc.

You can even find several ways to make mold-able clay (edible or not) online.

Plus, flour is a thickener for a lot of sauces, so you can make that recipe stretch as far as it can go.

2) Protein

You always need a protein…I tend to stick to chicken, ham and beef stew meat.

If a recipe calls for chicken, you don’t have to use expensive breasts! Take a whole chicken, boil it, remove the meat from the bones and you have enough chicken meat for at least 3 meals!

You can always put the extra meat in a Ziploc bag and freeze for later.

Beef stew meat is super cheap and can be used in tons of recipes, BUT what I like?

If you have a cheap grinder, now you’ve got ground beef…boom.

3) Dried Milk

You’ll never be rushing around looking for milk pre-emergency, when it’s in a canister in the cabinet!

This milk keeps for a very long time, and doesn’t take up refrigerator space.

Plus, you can use any amount you choose, so no milk goes to waste.

4) Dried Pasta

Pasta is super cheap, doesn’t spoil, and if you’re creative, the recipe possibilities are insane.

Mix and match it with a protein, add veggies if you have them, and you don’t even need to make a sauce!

A little olive oil and garlic will round out your dish.

(And a little pasta feeds a lot of people.)

5) Rice

Rice is cheap, doesn’t spoil and doesn’t need refrigeration.

While it’s good on it’s own, you can add rice to just about any dish, or dress it up as a side.

Even better?

Rice is a filler, so you can stretch that dinner for 1 into dinner for 4 with about 1 cup (uncooked)!

Before you don that mask and roll out to the store for necessities, make sure these staples are in your kitchen.



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