Purple Aces Sell Out For First Time In Five Years

The roar of a sold-out crowd, and a line out the door. According to University of Evansville ticketing services, it’s a sight that hasn’t been seen in almost five years.

The Aces showdown with number 22 Wichita State, is something they’ve been anticipating all season long.

“A couple of weeks ago, we started a ticket remaining countdown on our website,” Director of Ticketing Scott Peace says. “At the time, there were about 1,600 tickets to go. It kind of caught fire from there, and we ended up selling out Wednesday.”

Peace says the Aces can average anywhere from 2-5,000 fans a game. With 10,000 coming out for the game against the shockers. He says there’s a noticeable difference in crowd attendance with the team’s winning record.

“Obviously, they’ve performed really well this year,” Peace says. “The community sees that, and sees the potential this season has for them. ”

Fans near and far see that potential too.

“We drove three hours from Indianapolis,” Matt Williamson says. “I’m here with a couple of alumni, and i wanted to check it out with some girls that have been there.”

Purple Aces basketball has only sold out twice before in the ford center, and Peace says, it may not be the last time this year.

D.J Ballentine is coming up on the all time scoring record at the university, so I think a lot of people are going to want to see that,” Peace says. “Southern Illinois is always a big rival for us.”

Fans say passion for the team is near an all-time high, and Sunday’s game, exemplified it.

“I think it’s just great to get the energy in the town and the city back behind the team to really drive excitement and enthusiasm for the aces,” Rebbecca Core of Indianapolis says.

The Purple Aces have four more home games this season. The next one is against Missouri State.




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