44News Exclusive Interview With Kentucky’s Attorney General

In a 44News Exclusive Interview, Kentucky’s Attorney General Daniel Cameron talks about the biggest cases his office is working on during the pandemic.

Kentucky Requests Federal Investigation Into Beef Prices.

Recently, AG Cameron sent a request to the United States Justice Department to investigate the price of beef.

According to ranchers in the Bluegrass, they are seeing the market price for their cattle drop, while beef prices at the grocery stores are at all-time highs. AG Cameron says anti-competitive practices among meatpacking companies could be the reason behind the price disparity.

“There is something wrong with that equation,” said Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron. “Our office stands ready to assist in any investigation that might occur here in the near term.”

Kentucky is the largest cattle producing state east of the Mississippi.

Commonwealth Churches Win a Lawsuit Against the Pandemic Ban on in-Person Services.

During the pandemic, the Attorney General joined a lawsuit against Governor Beshear’s ban against church services.

“Even in the midst of a crisis, the Constitution is not suspended,” said Attorney General Cameron.

The lawsuit was brought by several Commonwealth churches and two federal district court judges ruled in their favor.

“Both of those two judges said that the order banning in-person church services or faith-based gatherings was unconstitutional. Those decisions were confirmed by a court of appeals panel,” said the Commonwealth’s top attorney.

The Bluegrass Sees the Spread of COVID-19 Related Scams.

The Kentucky Attorney General’s Office has also been busy preventing fraud brought on by the health crisis. From fake testing sites and defective PPE to scams looking to steal stimulus money, AG Cameron says everyone needs to be cautious when handing over personal information.

“We also created online forms that allow people to access our office, as well, and communicate any concerns that they have related to scams or price gouging,” said AG Cameron.

Kentuckians can find more information about reporting a scam on the attorney general’s website.



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