4,000 Seasonal Jobs Added in KY

The Commonwealth is holding steady when it comes to employment.

However, reports show seasonal jobs, not including farming, added 4,000 to the state this month.

The Kentucky Center for Statistics reports April’s jobless rate at 4.4 percent, showing relatively no change from March.

The state’s labor force increased by 426 individuals bringing the total to 2,065,210.

The report also shows the number of people employed in Kentucky was up nearly 500.  The number of unemployed Kentuckians dropped by 52.

“The household survey suggests that Kentucky’s employment situation was essentially unchanged in April,” said University of Kentucky’s Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER) Associate Director Mike Clark, Ph.D. “While a relatively small number of people entered the labor force this month, a similar number of people were able to find work, resulting in no significant change to Kentucky’s unemployment rate. The survey of business indicates that Kentucky’s employers expanded their payrolls, adding 4,000 jobs.”



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