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3 Arrested in Murder of Evansville Woman

The woman who’s body was found near Ellis Park has been identified, and Evansville Police say they have the people responsible for her death in custody.

Just hours after the department identified Kimra Mariah Miller as the person left near the racetrack, officers handcuffed three women in connection with her death.

“Some type of physical altercation had occurred between Ms. Miller and two of the females,” stated Sgt. Jason Cullum.

Police returned today to the home Miller shared with her family, and those next of kin say they can’t get their minds around what happened. But she also shared that home with all three accused killers.

“We have received conflicting statements from the two females indicating the other one was responsible, kind of blaming each other,” Cullum iterated. “We feel that both of those individuals were there when Ms. Miller was killed.”

On May 26. Lakeysha Couto and Ciarra Landfair had allegedly spent the day together with Miller, until getting into a fight with a fatal turn.

“We think the assault that led to her death occured in the early morning hours.”

Though why that fight happened still remains a mystery, the outcome is not, according to a third housemate involved.

“Ms. Lanfair had actually gotten Gracie Smith and said ‘hey, I did it’ and showed her the body at the home. That is listed in the affidavit,” Cullum said.

The three women then drove across the Kentucky line, dumping her body in a ditch near Ellis Park.

“Its kind of a rural area with farmland but its also next to a major highway. So its not necessarily out in the middle of nowhere,” offered Cullum.

The body was eventually discovered by a farmer on June 2nd but the interstate travel meant challenges: coordinating with Henderson deputies, and the complications of the elements.

“She had been out there at least a week, so the weather did impact the condition of the body but we were still able to make a positive identification.”

But once Miller was identified, it led Evansville Police to her home–and the home of the accused murderers.

All three suspects were taken into custody without incident and are in the Vanderburgh County Jail.



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