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3 Area Artists Headed to the 1st Ever Indiana Fashion Week!

New York’s fashion week makes national headlines every time it rolls around.

Regardless of whether we “get” what the designer was trying to express…the fashion, the makeup, the drama, cats running across the runway while models unflinchingly stomp their way down the carpet…we’re obsessed!

It’s like “America’s Next Top Model”, live!

So why is it that New York gets to have all of the fun…and opportunities for designers?

That’s changing, as Indiana’s first ever Fashion Week is 7 days away!

It is the first ever in the state. It is going to mimic off the business model from New York City’s fashion week and the person who started that is going to actually be there!
This is going to be unique because it includes the youth so that’s the part about this particular past week that I’m super excited about.

Speaking of that, 2 of the children competing are from Evansville!

We caught up with the pair, and their mentor, to see just who these talented junior designers, getting the opportunity of a lifetime, are– and if they’re ready for the kids’ challenge in Indy.

There are only six youth that are participating in the design aspect of the challenge, two of them happened to be my sewing kids, which is so exciting!

The first day that I’m there I will go to the Goodwill and they will give me a gift card to pick out fabrics, well clothing, so I can upcycle them.
Then the next day is design day and that’s when I’ll be designing my clothing and sewing and all that process.
And then afterwards Is the runway and that’s when my art piece, masterpiece, or whatever you want to call it, will be on the runway.

I’m very excited but I’m also a little nervous because I’m going to be the youngest person there, because I think the age limit is like 14 to 17 and I am only 11, so that makes me a bit nervous…but overall I feel pretty confident about it.

We did a warm-up yesterday at Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop. They gave our kids gift cards to play around with some design challenge that I personally gave them, and I sent them a Pinterest board the night before of neckwear and they are designing for each other’s moms.

Emily Gartner will also be going as a sewing mentor for the kids’ challenge, and has her own showcase during the runway portion of the week.

Now to the part where you come in…

Because they are children, these two dynamic designers need to be accompanied by parents, which means double, or triple the price for the opportunity to learn from masters of fashion.

They do have a Kickstarter campaign going right now, but it’s an all or nothing thing, and it’s almost over…so think about donating a few bucks to help them

Isn’t this exciting news?

Like what I do? See more on Evansville’s YouTube Channel, The Best Day Ever Evansville Channel.

And find that epic city calendar at The Best Day Ever Evansville.



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