2020 Election: Poll Finds Biden Locked in Tight Race With Warren

The 2020 Presidential Election is now less than a year away, and for the Democratic nomination, the race is still wide open. 

A recent poll from the key state of Iowa shows the top democratic candidates bunched up.  Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg is indeed on the rise in Iowa. 

But new polling from across the country shows that former Vice President Joe Biden, Senators Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders maintain a grip on the top spots in the race for president. 

However, candidates like Julian Castro say the party needs a nominee who can bring Black and Latino voters to the polls. 

Castro says, “If that person can’t connect with those communities, they simply should not be at the top of the ticket. It’s too risky.” 

Meanwhile, the top issue of conversation this weekend health care, and Warren’s plan to pay for it which would divert the funds employers currently pay private health care companies to the government and increase taxes on the wealthy. 

Moderates, like Biden, are skeptical and say the best option is to build on Obamacare. 

Even Sen. Sanders, the architect of the Medicare for all plan says he would raise taxes on the middle class. 



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