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2 Minute Cooking Class: The Perfect French Omelette

I don’t know about you, but when I wake up in a hotel on vacation, I want a room service omelette…the fluffy eggs with any type of filling you can ask for…it’s the perfect vacation breakfast!

But how do you recreate that at home without taking a special class?

Chef Adam is going to teach you…for free.


Heat non-stick skillet on med-high/high.
Add olive oil to cover bottom of pan.
Crack 2 eggs into a bowl.
Whisk eggs until fluffy.
Pour eggs into hot pan, immediately stir.
Smooth eggs over bottom of pan.
Turn off the heat (and add cheese if you’d like).
Free it from the pan, flip it over, and plate.
**The easiest way to flip yours into the plate is you kind of cheat it towards the edge, you bring your plate close to you…and flip it into the plate.

Side note, Chef Adam likes to cook on high and said in college the omelette station cook was timed, so you can bang this breakfast dish out in less than 2 minutes with his tips!

When you master your first omelette…let me know about it!

To book Chef Adam Edwards for your class, party, or date night, go to www.chefadamedwards.com, and follow him on Instagram at @chefadamedwards.

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