16TH Annual LGBT Pride Prom

The 16TH annual LGBT Pride Prom is underway in Evansville. Hundred of people participate in the event each year.

Last Spring, more than a thousand student attended the dance. The night features a drag show and the crowing of a king, queen and an in between.

Organizers say the event is a way to get members of the LGBT community involved, in a safe environment.

Wally Paynter says, “We coordinated the regions LGBT youth group and our youth group and our youth asked we want a place that we can dance and dress how we want and to be ourselves and we said we will make that happen for you.”

The prom wraps up around midnight. It is sponsored by the Tri-State Alliance, a social service organization for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgender communities. Security is on hand. It is $10 dollars to attend and can be paid at the door.






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