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More Than 150 Animals Rescued From Home

More than 150 animals have been rescued from a property in Henderson County, and the two people in the home were cited for 154 counts of animal cruelty.

The discovery was made at a home in Corydon after authorities say they received several complaints about animals possibly living in horrific conditions.

Henderson County Animal Control officials say they have been getting complaints about this home since May, which led to the first investigation.

“We tried to educate and correct the situation and unfortunately sometimes it gets worse or it gets better. In this case, it got worse,” says Henderson County Animal Control Officer Bridget Kilgore.

On August 14th, authorities returned to the home and made a shocking discovery. The number of animals in the home had doubled since their first visit and the living conditions were unbearable.

“Lots of feces. Some of them were just laying around in their feces because they had nowhere else to lay,” says Officer Kilgore.

Several dead animals were found and more than 150 animals were dehydrated or starving. Some of the animals were too weak to stand.

Some community members tell 44News they can’t believe this happened so close to home.

“I just couldn’t understand somebody just neglecting dogs or any kind of animals because they depend on us,” says Kevin Parrish.

Authorities say the two owners of these animals weren’t too happy about their pets being taken away from them.

“These are heartbeats that you have to take care of and I can only give you so much time,” says Officer Kilgore.

Some of the animals taken from the home earlier this month have since died. Henderson County Animal Control officials say having stricter animal laws in Kentucky would have allowed them to intervene earlier.

“There’s so much that needs to change,” says Officer Kilgore. “There’s just really not much. Our animal cruelty to the second is about all we can do.”



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