15 Apps Parents Should Be Aware of on Their Children’s Phones

Police departments across the country are reminding parents about potentially dangerous apps that could be on their child’s phone

The warning comes after the recent arrest of 25 men in Florida for allegedly trying to have sex with children.

The following 15 apps are the ones parents need to know about:

  • The first is ‘MeetMe,’ an app where teens can easily be in contact with users much older than them, with an emphasis on dating.
  • ‘WhatsApp’ and ‘SnapChat’ are for messaging, but what you should know is teens can send unlimited messages, have video chats and even share their live location with other users, people they may not even know.
  • ‘Skout’ is a flirting app that’s used to meet and chat with new people. Teens and adults are in different groups, but ages aren’t verified.
  • ‘TikTok’ is used for sharing user created videos that can contain bad words, even adult content.
  • ‘Badoo’ and ‘Bumble’ are dating apps for adults, but teens can still find ways to join.
  • ‘Grindr’ is geared towards the LGBTQ community. It allows users to share photos and meet up based on phone’s GPS location.
  • ‘Kik’ is specifically for kids, but anyone can join and anyone can contact or direct message your child.
  • ‘LiveMe’ is a live streaming app, but you don’t know who’s watching and your kid’s location is revealed.
  • ‘Holla’ is all about connecting strangers around the world through video chat. Enough said.
  • ‘Whisper’ is a social confessional where kids can remain anonymous, but still, share their feelings. And it can reveal your child’s location for a meetup.
  • ‘ASKfm’ encourages people to allow anonymous users to ask them questions, which opens the door for online bullying.
  • ‘Hot or Not’ rates users on attractiveness. There’s no age verification and users can send each other messages.
    And lastly, ‘Calculator%’ apps are several secret apps that allow kids to hide their photos, videos, even browser history.



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