10 Year-Old Boy Petitions To Stay In Advanced Classes As Promised By Warrick County School Corporation

Changes to the Warrick county school corporations accelerated learning program means some students won’t get their full three years of advanced classes.

The school system is changing the program to allow third graders,  and remove those going into sixth grade.

That’s why one 10 year-old boy created a petition fighting for his- and other students rights to complete the program next year.

Tanay Thakore started a petition he and many other students, and concerned parents hope gets more signatures to bring awareness to the Warrick county school corporation.

Fourth and fifth graders who tested into the three year excel program currently for fourth through sixth graders are in self-contained classrooms learning advanced curriculum.

The petition on is fighting for the students right to stay in the program.

After all… The kids say they were promised three years of the program, and says the school board is not sticking to that commitment.

“It was my idea to make the petition,” says Tanay Thakore.

He and Ingrid Braden go to Chandler Elementary.

The Warrick county school corporations made changes to its excel program meaning the students are cut short a year of advanced learning.

“I was promised that I would get three years of excel, but I am only being given two.”

Ingrid says she was excited to learn in next year’s program.

“I don’t want 6th grade excel to disappear because the Warrick county school board made their commitment, and they are not doing what we promised them, and what they promised us.”

Ingrid’s mother Jennifer Braden says her student like many others made a sacrifice to get into the program.

“She had to leave her home school and all of her friends there to go to chandler to start excel,” says Jennifer Braden.

Now Ingrid, and other students have to stay at Chandler, without excel next year.

“We weren’t given the option to go back to the home school,” says Jennifer Braden.

The kids, and parents say its about their education.. and commitment.

“It upsets me because this is something we teach our children that if you make a commitment then you have to stand by your word, and their school district after ya know explicitly telling them that this is a 3 year commitment. They said it to the kids and the kids had to agree to do this, and i just think it’s wrong,” says Jennifer Braden.

And that’s why Tanay is working hard to bring the petition to the school corporation.

“Try to get more people, and hopefully try to convince the school board keep it. Maybe expand it to 3rd to 6th grade excel, or just keep it so that the kids… Every kid who has the ability to get three years of excel.”

Superintendent Brad Schneider says honor programs are in place next year, and the same excel teacher will be teaching 6th grade honors to help excel students with the transition.



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