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10 Days of Dazzling Daylilies!

Yesterday we introduced you to the home of tons of pretty petals, and right now those beauties are on display in full form, and they’re part of a dazzling event…

The 10th Annual Dazzling Daylilies Festival begins today at Western Kentucky Botanical Gardens, and because of the anniversary, it will last ten days!

Today’s event is “Charcuterie Alongside the Daylilies”.

Tomorrow is the first ever Dogs by the Daylilies, with dog photos, a dog dig activity and more.

Give-A-Ways For Attendees
Dog Photos With Daylilies
Dog Dig Activity
Hot Dogs & Bark Brew
“Let’s Keep Our Paws Crossed For Good Weather”
Goodnight Barks & Kisses – At Dusk

And Saturday is the main event…there will be artists in the garden- all day, children’s activities 5 to 7pm, unique entertainment, the
VIP Daylily Gala, music and tethered hot air balloon rides!

Artists In The Garden- All day
Children’s Activities 5pm to 7pm
Unique entertainment throughout the evening
Various Circus-Like Entertainment
VIP Daylily Gala
Tethered Balloon Rides
Balloon Glow
Real Hacienda and Curbside Kitchenette Food trucks on sight
Frozen Tundra Frozen treats on site

But we can’t forget the main attraction, the daylilies!

The Daylily Festival is a 10 day festival this year, and it’s full of all sorts of things!

The main thing it’s full of is daylilies.
Daylilies are wonderful plants, they’re beautiful, easy to take care of and everyone should have many of them.
We have a daylily sale on Saturday, the 29th, we’ll have various daylilies available.
We have some of them that are dug and potted, but the main way is to come and see what we have here in the garden.
If you like it, you can dig it yourself and take home a nice clump for…this garden is $15, we have another garden that is $10.
It’s a wonderful opportunity to get some really great daylilies because most all of them are named daylilies, although some of them are seedlings also that have never been seen by anyone before.
They’ll actually be blooming through the middle of July, so if you come anytime, as long as they’re blooming and you like them, take them home.

There are fun things to do every day among the daylilies—and the other gorgeous greenery.

Sunday will be the Cruise In (car show) –Anything Goes– Alongside Daylilies,

Tuesday they’ll have Photography in the Garden and a Lunch — Listen and Learn Lecture, and it all ends Saturday when you can dig up your own daylily clump to take home!

· June 20th (Thursday)

Charcuterie Alongside The Daylilies

Chamber Young Professionals

· June 21st (Friday)

Dogs By The Daylilies -Calling All Canines — 5:00 PM – Dusk

· June 22nd (Saturday)

Artists In The Garden

Children’s Activities — 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Various Circus-Like Entertainment — 5:00 – 8:00 PM

VIP Daylily Gala


Tethered Balloon Rides — 5:30 – 8:30 PM

Balloon Glow — 8:30 PM

· June 23rd (Sunday)

Cruise In (Car Show) Anything Goes Alongside Daylilies –1:00 – 4:00 PM

Sampler Foods “U. S. Bank 2018 CBSS Servicing Cookbook”

· June 24th (Monday)

Guided Daylily Tour -10:00 AM

· June 25th (Tuesday)

Photography In The Garden

Lunch * Listen * Learn -Featuring Nellie Rarick Daylily Lecture

With Laura Teague of Teaguewood Daylily Garden

· June 26th (Wednesday)

Guided Hike For Kids – In, Out & Around The Daylilies & More — 6:00 PM

· June 27th (Thursday) & June 28th (Friday)

ROMP Hospitality & Tour of The Daylilies

· June 29th (Saturday)

Daylily Sale — 8:00 AM – Noon


Announcement of Winners – Name-A-Daylily -Photography


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