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Owensboro Dispatch Pilot Program Could Speed Up Response Time

A new system coming to the Owensboro Police Dispatch will hopefully speed up response time. Owensboro is the first city in the state to partner with Rapid SOS a California-based tech company.

This partnership will allow folks living in Owensboro and Daviess County to download an app onto their phones that will allow dispatchers to see their location when they call in.

As it stands now, dispatchers can only trace cell phones to a 150-meter radius at best.

Debbie Taylor, OPD Dispatcher, said, “You’re not familiar with the are you call 911 and maybe you’ve had an accident and you’re the only one there and we could probably get a better location on you if you have this available.”

The app should be available to download in the next three to four weeks.

OPD Dispatch officials say they are working on getting it integrated into full cell service within the next year.