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Kindness In The Community: Ben Smith

You may have spotted Ben Smith on the Bosse High School football field as the assistant coach. While he does a great job out there…it’s what he does for children off the field that truly makes a difference!

Smith said, “It’s extremely important.”

Smith is also a Youth First Social Worker at Lodge Elementary. He helps children deal with everything from depression to anxiety, and always goes the extra mile to make sure they are good.

He said, “Showing them that we care and that we are here to support and not just discipline, which goes through their mindset, that we’re just here to discipline, discipline and really we don’t want to have that concept.”

Whether on the field or off, Smith holds the same ethical standards he does with his son and daughter at home. He is teaching kids the importance of respect, anger management and cultural awareness.

Smith said, “I think what I like the most is watching kids develop and grow.”

Smith says his job is very rewarding, but it’s extra special when he gets to actually see how his efforts made a difference in someone’s life.

He said, “All of a sudden they will come up to you and be like guess what I did today? Remember what we were practicing? I did it and you atch their grades improve, watch them get in less trouble. You watch families come together and watch parents communicate better.