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EPD Addresses Counterfeit Bills At Fall Festival

Fall festival can attract various groups of people throughout a week and it’s a no brainer that event itself racks up a lot of cash. However that could mean incurring an amount of counterfeit money. Due to the large masses, it can be difficult to keep track of authentic dollars.

On the bright side, food vendors have not faced many cases of counterfeit cash this year. Even though the issue isn’t as serious this year compared to past festivals, the EPD still takes some measures to help vendors prevent the chances of losing money.

Many of the vendors are non profit organizations which mean they could face a stronger financial blow if dealt with counterfeit money. Jason Cullum from the Evansville Police Department shared some words about his experience with the issue. Cullum said, “We try to discourage that, if we can catch somebody we will deal with that. But there’s so many money exchanging between hands out here it makes it a little more difficult than if you’re just at a regular retail environment.”

Counterfeit bills really don’t discriminate when getting into the hands of street vendors, the Evansville Fire Department also encountered an issue with a counterfeit bill yesterday evening. Captain Eric Jamison of the EFD explained what happened when his booth was approached with a fake bill. Jamison said, “I wasn’t told exactly how that happened but they did get one counterfeit bill and so of course now we have the pens that you can use to mark them and obviously if it doesn’t show up then it’s a counterfeit bill.”

Luckily, with the help of pens provided by the EPD that could detect a fake from an authentic bill, booths can finally keep an eye out for any inconsistencies. Jason Cullum also suggests to keep aware of the appearance and if it feels strange, chances are it could be a counterfeit.